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Auto Course

Helping Low-Income Families
Achieve Vehicle Ownership &
Educate Disadvantaged Youth In Auto Repair

We transform lives through the power of education and employment. Our mission is to develop a free basic automotive technician education program for the socially disadvantaged youth in the community. We provide the basic knowledge and skills needed to catapult students toward an advanced automotive technician course with a well-paying job as you pursue future opportunities. Completion of this program does not fulfill the legal requirements of state licenses or certifications, which may require additional training or apprenticeships.

Socially disadvantaged young people are at higher risk of marginalization and social exclusion over other youth. Because of this, they are in a vulnerable state in the labor market. Many lack skills, work experience, job-search abilities and financial resources to find employment. Auted believes everyone should be empowered to make of their lives what they will – not limited by the circumstances of their environment. We support skills development to improve the employability of disadvantaged young people by offering free vocational and job-readiness training.

This 45-hour course provides the remedial education fundamental knowledge, experience, and know-how for maintaining an automobile. The course is for a student with little or no knowledge of an automobile’s operation. The intent of the course is to help the student determine if she/he wants to pursue Automotive Service as a career.

Auted students are trained and assisted by experienced, professional instructors, advisers, and volunteers.

Detailed training course info available here.

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