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Empower. Educate. Enrich Lives.

Welcome to Auted, Inc.

Helping Low-Income Families
Achieve Vehicle Ownership

Auted, Inc. is a Federally approved Non-Profit organization of partners. We are always looking for volunteers to donate their skills, time, tools, and repair shop as well as financial and material support. Auted, Inc. and our partners are dedicated to helping disadvantaged families worldwide. We are a Charity Regulated by the Motor Vehicle Administration to accept donated vehicles. Additionally, medical and IT supply donations are being accepted.

Transforming lives by turning opportunities into blessings.

Our Mission

Provide key opportunities to financially disadvantaged individuals
and families in our community through vehicle ownership.

Our Vision

Auted, Inc. will be a largely self-funded operation. We will coordinate the efforts of
our partners to collect, repair, and deliver vehicles to people in need.
Empower. Educate. Enrich Lives.

Donate a Vehicle to help change lives!

  • Take full advantage of a Fair Market Value of your donation.
  • You will know in advance how much your donation is worth using the Kelley Blue Book – Fast Free Pickup!

The reason why our program is different from other vehicle donation charities is that donors take a full tax deduction (the actual sale price when the charity sells the Vehicle). In most cases, we collect the donated vehicle, fix them, and make them roadworthy (Certified by accredited approved ASE) and available to families in need. You can rest assured you will receive full FAIR MARKET VALUE on your tax deduction.

PayPal securely processes donations for Auted, Inc. You can complete your donation with just a few clicks.

Help Auted Today With Cash Donations

We gladly accept cash donations and could use your help to support our mission! Donations go to purchasing parts for the vehicles, paying for facilities, and basic operating expenses. Of course, all donations are fully 100% tax-deductible.

Help Auted Today With Additional Donations

We accept donations of excess inventory of medial and hospital supplies, clothes, electronic equipment, office supplies, and other items that can be used or recycled to support our Vehicle Ownership program.

501(c)(3) Charity Non-Profit Organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

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