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Helping low-income families obtain car ownership

Auted, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization, which makes car ownership affordable to low-income working families in need to obtain a vehicle.

Keep “Helping low income families…”

  • Donate a car to help change lives!
  • Our program allows you to take the Fair Market Value of your donation.
  • Know in advance how much your donation is worth using the Kelley Blue Book
  • Fast Free Pickup!

Why is our program different than other car donation charities? Because most charities sell donated cars “as is”, and the donor can only take a tax deduction of $500 (or the actual sale price when the charity sells the car. We don’t sell the cars for profit…we fix them and make them available to needy families. With our program, you can take the full FAIR MARKET VALUE (Kelley Blue Book) for your tax deduction.

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Our Vision: Designed to provide quality vehicles at a low cost to individuals/families who can maintain and insure the vehicle. This allows the person to have more time to accomplish everyday tasks such as going to the laundry mat, grocery shopping, attending children’s’ after school activities.

Our Mission: Provide every personal transportation solutions, making car ownership affordable to low-income working families and empower them become self-sufficient in Montgomery County.

Our Value: Fosters positive change in the community through self-empowerment, and workforce development by offering affordable and accessible job skills training;

*Auted only receive donated vehicles with clean green Title, running or not running.

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