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Helping Disadvantaged Youth In Auto Repair &
Low-Income Families Obtain Vehicles Ownership

Auted, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization, that transform lives by offering a free basic automotive technician education for the socially disadvantaged youth. A first step toward successful future providing the basic knowledge and skills needed to catapult student for automotive technician with a well-paying job opportunity. We also make Vehicle ownership affordable to low-income working families in need to obtain a vehicle.

Donate a Vehicle to help change lives!

  • Take full advantage for a Fair Market Value of your donation.
  • You will know in advance how much your donation is worth using the Kelley Blue Book – Fast Free Pickup!

The reason why our program is different from vehicle donation charities is because donors take a full tax deduction (the actual sale price when the charity sells the Vehicle). In most cases, we collect donated vehicle, fix them and make them road worthy (Certified by accredited approved ASE) available to families in need of reliable transportation. You can be assured to receive a full FAIR MARKET VALUE on your tax deduction.

Our Mission: Our mission is to develop a free basic automotive technician training and educational program for the socially disadvantaged youth in the community.

Approve PoseOur Vision: To transform lives through the power of education and employment, and develop a free basic automotive technician program for socially disadvantaged youth. Student gets involved in a productive career opportunity that propels them to identifying their God given potential talents. Set the course to solve the greatest problems facing our community, rather than only talking about them. We also provide a high quality affordable vehicle at a low cost to individuals/families, who can maintain and insure the vehicle. Making vehicle ownership affordable to low-income working families, by providing every person a transportation solution. Recipient can have more time to accomplish everyday tasks such as going to the laundry mat, grocery shopping, attending their child’s after school activities.

Our Value: Fosters positive change in the community through self-empowerment, and workforce development, offering affordable and accessible automotive education and job skills training.

*Auted is IRS-Approved 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Organization.
Support Our Cause – Your donation is 100% Tax Deductible

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